Annual Licence Enquiry

Thank you for your interest in the Annual Licence, please find all details below. Read the user reviews here.


  • When we receive your enquiry, Evelyne Dullens will contact you to discuss how the Discover course can fit into your organisation and your specific wishes.
  • All lessons have subtitles in:Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish and Japenese
  • This virtual meeting is obligation free. #friendlyeyes

Why concentration will improve

  • The way the course is set up, every individual will be able to choose their own mindset goal to improve their specific concentration needs.
  • There are 2 sections, the lesson section and the practice section which can be used seamlessly together.
  • The user is guided daily for 6 weeks in how to achieve their goal, the time investment is 5 minutes in the morning and 2 – 5 minutes in the evening.
  • The user can take as long as they like to do the lesson section and revisit lessons in any order.
  • The downloadable Mindset Goal book guides each individual to choose a goal perfectly suited to their situation.
  • We explain in the course exactly how to use this goal book and how focus can improve within 6 weeks when the user practices daily.
  • The Mindset Goal book combined with the daily guidance timer and video, ensures that the user stays on track, remains focussed and accountable.
  • The user can do as many 6 week periods as they like and chose different goals each time.

The costs and mission

Non-profit partners: health care | sport | NGO | NPO
20 – 50 users: € 2500 ex vat
51 – 100 users: € 4750 ex vat
Above 100 users: upon request

Business partners:
20 – 50 users: € 5000 ex vat
51 – 100 users: € 9500 ex vat
Above 100 users: upon request

  • An annual licence includes an online training session for the leader or leaders of your organisation.  We explore together how you can implement the Discover course as a mental awakening program within your organisation.
  • For those who want to go even further along the path of self-realisation, do the Experience course next and then the Observe course. These courses are based on donations.
  • The Friendly Eyes mission is about achieving mental growth through kindness, so that we all can create a better world together.
  • If you cannot afford a licence, please send an email to explaining your situation, your organisations hunger to learn and what is possible for you financially. We will get back to you within 1 month.

How to use the licence

  • After purchase we will send you a unique link for your organisation.
  • The course is extremely user friendly; the user registers individually, activates their account and can start immediately.
  • As mentioned under ‘costs and mission’ we will give you online guidance on how to make best use of the course within your organisation.


There are three Mindset books available that support the online courses. From experience we know that a physical book combined with the courses, gives an extra dimension and also really motivates the participants. We are happy to explain this in a call.

Mindset: a mental guide for sport, mental guide, mental training for sport, learn how to focus
Mindset in Daily Life, Mental training
Mindset for Football, football book, football coaching
Mindset Goal book, mental goal, mental training
20- 50 users, 51 - 100 users, above 100 users. See 'The costs and the mission' in the left column.
Mindset a mental guide for sport | Mindset in Daily Life | Mindset for Football

Annual Licence explained

Friendly Eyes Mindset
IJsbaanpad 43
1076 CV Amsterdam
The Netherlands
VAT No NL002047517B92
Chamber of Commerce No. 70478902

Annual Licence explained

Friendly Eyes Mindset
IJsbaanpad 43
1076 CV Amsterdam
The Netherlands
VAT No NL002047517B92
Chamber of Commerce No. 70478902