Thank you


We would like to thank the following people and organisations for their kind hospitality and generosity:


We would like to deeply thank the following people for allowing us to use their photos and film footage:

  • Our ambassadors: Barbara Hannigan and Sjef van den Berg
  • Photo Barbara Hannigan by Musacchio Ianniello Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia via Harrisson Parrott
  • Photo Sjef van den Berg by Mark Kuys
  • For the filming of the donation video, cameraman Michael Boomers and audio Christoph Wonneberger also thanks to Accentus Music Germany for donating the equipment
  • Video footage Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra by Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra
  • Photo homepage by Wolfgang Kuhnle
  • Photo of Barbara Hannigan & Ludwig Live by Ludwig Live
  • Other image material by Tames Media, Janine Toussaint, Ay Mey Lie, The Mindset, Friendly Eyes and via Pixabay (Marco Antonio Reyes)