Our mission

Friendly Eyes teaches people how to develop mental strength through kindness with the use of concentration and meditation techniques, so that we all can create a better world together.

We have experienced how integrating laser focus and daily meditation practices into our lives has brought a profound transformation to our mindset. We hope that Friendly Eyes works for you too.

Our story

Friendly Eyes is a hands-on philosophy created by life coach Jackie Reardon. Friendly Eyes integrates her knowledge of high performance with meditation and concentration techniques.

In 2005 she co-wrote Mindset, a mental guide for sport and 8 years later Mindset in Daily Life with novelist Hans Dekkers. From 2009 until 2017, together with Jacqueline van Meyel she established The Mindset, a coaching and training organization that operated internationally, both in sport and the corporate sector. Today Jackie advises corporate leaders, world-class stage performers and professional athletes from a variety of disciplines.

To make her knowledge available online and build the platform, Jackie Reardon partnered with Ed Wrede, entrepreneur and CEO of Empire state, who is responsible for the technology. From 2017 until march 2019 co-founder Ay Mey Lie helped structure the Friendly Eyes foundation which we are very grateful for. She was responsible for operations, optimising content, digital marketing, business analysis and the filming of Experience.

Jackie and Ed

Thank you

Ed and Jackie greatly appreciate what these passionate people have done to make the platform come true.