Our mission

Making the world a better place by being kind to ourselves and others.

That’s why we created this online mental training program. Friendly Eyes teaches you how to relax and focus at the same time, deal with pressure and enjoy challenges through a compassionate look at the world.

Friendly Eyes means: being kind to ourselves, being kind to others and observing without judgment. We believe that by being friendly to ourselves, we can achieve lasting change in all facets of life.

We have experienced ourselves how integrating this mindset and daily meditation practices into our lives has brought a profound transformation. We experience more clarity of mind, enhanced focus and enjoyment of what we do. It’s our pleasure to share this knowledge with you.

©️ Friendly Eyes

Our story

Friendly Eyes is a hands-on philosophy, created by performance coach and former professional tennis player Jackie Reardon. Friendly Eyes integrates her knowledge of high performance with meditation and mindfulness techniques.

In 2005 she co-wrote Mindset, a mental guide for sport and 8 years later Mindset in Daily Life with novelist Hans Dekkers. From 2009 until 2017, together with Jacqueline van Meyel she established The Mindset, a coaching and training organization that operated internationally, both in sport and the corporate sector. Today Jackie advises professional athletes from a variety of disciplines, corporate leaders and world-class stage performers.

To make her knowledge available online, Jackie Reardon partnered with Ed Wrede, responsible for IT, and Ay Mey Lie, who manages the operations, did parts of the video recording and brought structure into the online courses. Together they built the online training program Friendly Eyes. The web development and design are the work of Musa Dhlamini. Jochem Tames (Tames Media) did the majority of the video productions and designed the animations for Discover.