Friendly Eyes is for people who want to improve their mindsets through kindness.

For people who seek:

  • more clarity of mind and better concentration
  • to improve all qualities of daily life, especially relationships
  • to deal with pressure and what is perceived as competition
  • to improve performance, in any profession or discipline
  • to understand what concentration and meditation are
  • to develop a deep anchored daily meditation routine
Friendly Eyes means: being kind to ourselves, being kind to others and observing without judgment.
Please go to www.jackiereardon.com and fill in the contact form.

You can:

When people first start out on the inner journey of self discovery, they often shy away from the real commitment it takes to complete a 6 week course. Ironically, the payment of a fee serves as an extra motivation and support to help the inexperienced participant to do the daily work and gain the benefits. After completing the Discover course, the user can continue down the path of self realisation with the Experience and Observe courses,  which are both based on donations. The user will now have more understanding of the practice of giving generously from the heart for knowledge that has been received and is found to be beneficial. Access to Discover is given to anyone who does not have the financial means, an explanation of how to apply for sponsoring is on the Discover landing page.
Friendly Eyes, with your help, is becoming a true mental revolution that helps people to improve their mindsets through kindness. This knowledge must be made readily available and not only accessible to those who can afford it. The practice of giving is a part of developing virtues through meditation. The Experience and Observe courses give you the opportunity to realise positive change and to give accordingly. With freedom and non-attachment and giving from a place that resonates with your heart. Loving kindness is spreading all over the world and we are happy to be a small part of this. Let us all give what we have to the world and make the world a better place by focusing on what really matters, which is clearly love, being in the now and giving all our actions quality.