Frequently Asked Questions

Friendly Eyes is for people who want to improve their mindsets through kindness.

For people who seek:

  • more clarity of mind and better concentration
  • to improve all qualities of daily life, especially relationships
  • to deal with pressure and what is perceived as competition
  • to improve performance, in any profession or discipline
  • to understand what concentration and meditation are
  • to develop a deep anchored daily meditation routine

Friendly Eyes means: being kind to ourselves, being kind to others and observing without judgment.

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You can:

The Friendly Eyes mission is to help people to improve their mindsets through kindness, so that we all can create a better world together. To achieve this, knowledge must be made readily available and not only accessible to those who can afford it.

The practice of giving is a part of developing virtues through meditation. Experience gives you the opportunity to feel what something is worth to you and give accordingly. With freedom and non-attachment and no feeling of having to do anything that doesn’t resonate with your inner world.

Loving kindness is spreading all over the world and we are happy to be a very small part of this. Let us all give what we have to the world and make the world a better place by focusing on changing our own mindset.

The costs of the foundation and the hired free lance skills need to be covered. The income from Discover and Observe will hopefully make it possible for Friendly Eyes to become a sustainable movement.

The knowledge shared in the Observe course could be somewhat confrontational to people who haven’t meditated before. People need to make a well informed decision before signing up as the questions and reflections are for advanced meditators.

Anyone who has done the Experience course and would like to do the Observe course, but cannot afford it, can ask for financial aid.