Frequently Asked Questions

Friendly Eyes is for people who want to develop mental strength and still be able to remain kind and loving.

For people who:

  • want more clarity of mind and improved concentration
  • seek to improve performance, in any profession or discipline
  • seek to improve the quality of what you do daily, in any facet of life, meaning at work, home, sport, in relationships
  • want to learn how to deal with pressure and competition
  • want to understand what concentration and meditation are
  • want to develop a daily meditation routine
  • want to deepen and anchor an understanding and practice of meditation

Friendly Eyes means: being kind to ourselves, being kind to others and observing without judgment.

You can:

A pragmatic approach on how to develop mental strength from kindness surely cannot only be for those who can afford it? These training skills need to be made available for all.

Loving kindness is spreading all over the world and we are happy to be a very small part of this. We hope you are happy too and will live a #friendlyeyes live!

Firstly, donations will be used to cover the costs of running the platform. Think of web hosting costs, technical improvements to optimize user experience, measures to ensure digital security etc. Not only does this entail a variety of service and production costs but also fees for people we hire.

Secondly, the investor who made it possible to build the Friendly Eyes platform will be repaid.

Thirdly, if there is any profit it will be used to support the Friendly Eyes’ mission For example through the creation of new content, expanding networks and marketing to help spread this knowledge around the world.