Become a stronger, kinder you in 12 weeks

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The Friendly Eyes Experience course

Meditate daily for 12 weeks with relentless commitment. Rewire your brain and motivate yourself from love not fear. Deepen your self-knowledge and strengthen your discipline for lasting change from kindness.

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Don’t take yourself too seriously

Commit to daily meditation practice and learn how to fly on discipline!

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Barbara Hannigan

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Sven Groeneveld

“Experience Friendly eyes program changes your life! Started this beautiful meditation program three months ago. It is really highly recommended; it changed my life forever. By meditating (where you are helped by Jackie every day with inspiring videos) I now have more peace, self-confidence, focus and happiness in my life. Both privately and professionally. Don’t think too long, just do it!”

Andre van Bijnen - The Netherlands

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