Meditation translated into life changing action in 6 months

The Friendly Eyes Observe course

Bring connection, open heartedness and passion to your daily life. Embrace challenges from kindness and observe the positive impact on yourself and others. Learn how to sustain practice and become an advanced meditator.

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“Life-changing! One of the best programs I have experienced! I resonate so much with conscious breathing, positive mindset, dedication, properly dealing with stressful situations and this course is so much about that. It teaches you how to channel your energy and how to use ‘pillars’ to get the best out of yourself in any particular situation. You can use it for every day life or in sports! Also, Jackie’s book _Mindset a Mental Guide for sport_ is outstanding! This course has helped me realise that I am in charge of almost every situation in my life. Absolutely phenomenal!”

Predrag Ilic - Alexandria, USA

The Friendly Eyes

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