Develop mental strength
through kindness

Learn concentration and meditation techniques to deal with pressure and enjoy challenges.

Endorsed by Olympic athletes and world-class performers. Guided by Friendly Eyes founder Jackie Reardon.


Six weeks to improve your concentration

6-week laser focus training

Exercises to boost your results

Concentration made practical

Learn from world-class performers

65+ videos


Twelve weeks to become a better, kinder you

12-week daily meditation

100% commitment by you

Lasting change, a kinder, better you

Indepth day-to-day guidance

250+ videos


Better concentration


Less stress


Mental resilience

Learn concentration and meditation techniques to deal with pressure and enjoy challenges.

Based on the Mindset books.

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What our users say

4.94.9 out of 5 stars (based on 17 reviews)

Quantum Leap

March 21, 2020

I won the 5.5 nationals USTA in 2006 my game started to stagnate with age and injuries Jacky has been a game changer I got the book from a student and have not looked back. She is magic and I am playing great

Harris Rosenblatt

From dark times to real joy and happiness

March 8, 2020

Just by coincidence I started friendly eyes at the right time in my life, (also a few months before hip surgery). Initially I found it really helpful as I had a stressful job and horrible managers. Little did I know what was in store for me. I moved on to experience feeling good about myself and repaired old family conflicts so when there was a serious complication and I could not use my leg, I had a choice how I would react. I am convinced due to friendly eyes, and Jackie’s book, I was able to deal with my slow recovery and have come out a much better person. I am deeply in debt to Jackie and her team. My life, artwork and family ties are going well. Thank you all,

Linda Arnold

Friendliness is a base for concentration.

March 7, 2020

I can decide what I want to concentrate on, I’m not a victim of my thoughts. It may sound obvious but Jackie and Experience made it clear for me, for the first time in my life I believe. And if meditation earlier meant rest to me it now means awareness and direction. And that friendliness towards others and oneself is a base for that, I don’t have to linger in all the misdoings in my life. I can’t thank you enough! I can’t thank you Jackie enough!

Kerstin Gustavsson

Friendly Eyes made me open my eyes to who I really am

February 27, 2020

As a music college student you have a lot a pressure from yourself, your teachers, your classmates and orchestra to be a good musician. Not only good, the best. I have for many years suffered from stage fright. I believed that it was stress and just pure nervousness that made me that way, but after doing Dicsover and working on myself I realize that it was not stress, nor nervousness, it was the fear of failing. After realizing that and accepting myself, my playing and the fear of failing I wasn’t afraid anymore! Now I have no problem with stage fright! Of course I get a bit nervous, but in a good way. But I’m not afraid anymore! Thank you Jackie and the friendly eyes team! You helped me open my eyes with Friendly Eyes.


An eye opener

February 26, 2020

I never thought, when I started with Friendly Eyes app, that it would teach me something I didn’t know, because I considerd myself being well trained in meditation….I was wrong! Jackie showed me a new way of thinking, acting and dreaming, she shows in her life philosophy how easy, nice and convenient life can be, if you look at it with friendly eyes. It sounds so easy and yet, it is increadibly challenging! But I started to notice that everything she says started happening- I seem to attract succes, people like to become friends with me, I feel more energy, I like doing things I didn’t like to do before (like cleaning the house) and everything seems to be easy going suddenly…Thank you Jackie, you opened my eyes!!!!

Denisa Silvanova

Getting rid of fear

December 17, 2019

Hello to all, I have an immense gratitude for Jackie and I don’t even know where to start, hopefully my review won’t be pages long. I’m just a stay at home mom and I have great passion for tennis. My coach recommended that I read the book “Mindset” and later on sent the link to the online courses (for which I will never thank him enough)… The changes that slowly occurred throughout the months are still impressive to me. I used to get so tense – paralysed – whenever playing a match. I can have fun now, I enjoy myself during the match and I see my opponents in a friendlier way. Life in a general way is more interesting, my interactions with my kids and other people (outside of tennis) are changing a little. And it may be subtle but it makes a huge difference if instead of being annoyed at someone’s reaction, I’m able to see it from their perspective, go towards them and tell them my understanding (I try to do it in a funny way to make it lighter). As for my tennis? I used to loose every single match and the difference in my level of playing during a practice and during a match was abysmal. I just finished a league. I won 12 out of 13 matches. And there are moments when I play freely and relaxed, I wouldn’t believe I’d be able to do it – ever.


Changed the way I see and interact with the world and myself, on and off stage

December 11, 2019

I used to think beating myself up was essential to my self-improvement. Friendly Eyes has shown me how my negativity was blocking me from truly focusing and realising my potential. These simple, well structured programs helped me develop many concentration/self-talk/meditation concepts which I had come across through my voice lessons and yoga. Silence is precious, especially in this buzzing world of ours, and I’m curious to see what else it will reveal to me with time. Jackie & team – THANK YOU!

Andromahi Raptis

Friendly Eyes WORKS!

December 9, 2019

Friendly Eyes has changed my life. It is now easier and more fun to reach my goals in life. There are many programs out there, I myself have gone through at least 3 different ones. But Friendly Eyes is the simplest I have encountered, with fast results. If everyone was trained with friendly eyes, we would have a happier, healthier world. Embrace the struggle, embrace the commitment and you will not regret it! #hi5!

Aphrodite Patoulidou

Great practical insights

November 22, 2019

Friendly Eyes explore and gives advice in a brilliant way on how to keep focus when your mind is doing all it can to disturb you. The practical examples and the tools are productive for our own development, and well anchored in valid scientific knowledge and practice. It has helped me a lot, and I have recommended it to a lot of friends in different life situations, younger and older.

Arild Hoksnes

Friendly Eyes- a wonderful revelation

July 10, 2019

I have finished Friendly Eyes Discovery and what a great experience. I learned so much but also know that I will return to it as there is still lots to discover. For me the phrase that springs to mind is “Rome wasn’t built in a day”- its an ongoing journey of self discovery and one well worth taking! Check it out

Roisín Walsh

A new perception of winning

March 14, 2019

Mindset: A mental guide for sport provides a deep insight to the mental side of sport and a guideline on how to handle pressure, overcome ego and control emotion. My daughter is 12 years old, she started playing tennis at age 6. Almost every time playing a tournament, she is very nervous, her mind is often full of doubt and frustration. After reading the book, I realized she was playing against three opponents – the opponent of her tennis match, herself and her dad – I always thought tennis is about winning the match and you can only be either a loser or a winner. After reading the book, I realized as a tennis dad, in order to help my daughter becoming a good tennis player, she and myself have to first become ‘action thinkers’, meaning focusing on the moment and process. You may always win and may win the match once and sometimes twice with the mindset method and friendly eyes. Ren Recreational Tennis Player & Tennis Dad for my daughter Victoria

Ren Wang

This is life-changing

January 20, 2019

‘Friendly Eyes’ changed my life. I learned about it more than ten years ago and it has positively changed my private life and my work as a coach. The tools and exercises helped me to become aware of my ‘mindset’. I realised how judgmental I often was towards myself. Thanks to Friendly Eyes I was able to move from judging into kindness. This makes a world of difference! The learning never stops, even after having watched Discover many times, I keep on discovering new things about myself. But it has been just as important in my work, I can directly help students in their mental game because the exercises are super practical. And they’re great fun to do, no matter your age!

Evelyne Dullens

Highly recommended!

January 12, 2019

3 years ago I had the opportunity to work with Jackie for 3 days, it has become the 3 strongest training days in my professional career. Every day I get back to what I have discovered there. I did the Friendly Eyes 3 month meditation course and this taught me to look with compassion and friendly eyes to my own and other people’s actions. I highly recommend the Friendly Eyes courses.

Wim van Hove


January 10, 2019

Friendly Eyes has meant a lot to me. It is very practical and I apply it daily. Friendly eyes, good mistakes and no judgment have made me different in my daily life. I also give ‘friendly eyes’ training to young football players and students to learn how to focus and look at themselves without judgment. Friendly eyes can be an enrichment for your daily life.

Wout Elzinga

Friendly Eyes works!

January 9, 2019

Enriching life lessons for everyone. Both on the sportfields as in everyday life. I love the inspirational insights and challenges Jackie offers every time. Take the time to dive into this. I’m positive it will bring you as much as it still does to me!

Esther van Rooijen

How to challenge yourself and train on a daily basis to enhance and improve your mental skills

January 5, 2019

Over the past 10 years, I have found Jackie Reardon’s Mindset book and its practical methodology/ application extremely helpful in becoming more successful as a tennis coach in assisting young competitive juniors develop their mental skills to assist with their performances. Her follow up web-site of FRIENDLY EYES is a remarkable progression that I highly recommend to everyone. I can watch the clippings over and over and it’s also helps with reinforcing its practical application and training on a daily basis with the players. They are learning so much better how to put “Friendly Eyes” into practise and to recognise “Story Thinking” and how to train for “Action Thinking” using her pillars to train awareness and self- management. I have certainly seen great improvement in their concentration skills and staying in the moment, dealing better with the pressures of competition and coping better with their emotions and mistake management using her suggested instruments. Seeing and hearing the video clips of elite athletes and highly successful artists lends huge credibility and in turn this also helps tremendously with developing their own improved court presence and inner calmness.

Terrey Schweitzer

Great for work and daily life

December 28, 2018

I can highly recommend to everybody that this online mental training is worth following. It helped me a lot during my work in sports and also in daily life. I learned to focus better and this improved my quality of life. I especially like how practical friendlyeyes is. It’s a process but you get instant tools to start practicing.

Bart Kooijman

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