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Learn concentration and meditation techniques to deal with pressure and enjoy challenges.

Endorsed by Olympic athletes and world-class performers. Guided by Friendly Eyes founder Jackie Reardon.



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Six weeks to improve your concentration

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Twelve weeks to become a better, kinder you

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Learn concentration and meditation techniques to deal with pressure and enjoy challenges.

Based on the Mindset books.

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Ashley Wade - The Netherlands

Oct 22, 2020

Deep awareness and insights

The Experience course was indeed a real experience! Wow, I was confronted with my discipline, fed with wonderful insights from Jackie and experienced again how valuable moments of silence are. Thanks Jackie!

Manon Brunin - Belgium

Oct 20, 2020

Friendly Eyes – The start of a wonderful journey

I am so glad that I was told by my vocal coach about this course. During this global pandemic, working in the cultural sector and on top of that having to recover from major back surgery, this was THE medicine I needed without even knowing it. I have found how acceptance is my healer and have realised how unkind I was to my self during practice time but also just throughout the day, and I had no idea. This course has given me the building blocks of a strong foundation for myself. I am kinder both to myself as to others, happier, calmer, more flexible, … and more myself. All this while being focused and aware. I have already started with the experience course to continue this journey. Thank you Jackie and team for making this so broadly accessible!!! Please keep doing what you are doing!

Klara van der Heijden - Holland

Oct 14, 2020

A pragmatic, fun method

Taught me to be more gentle with myself, to be more in touch with my feelings, to focus better and to be happier with myself.
It is a pragmatic method in which Jackie guides you through what you may encounter and how to deal with it. It is fun and I am glad I did this course!

Anne Vennemann - Holland

Oct 14, 2020

Video review – What an amazing experience

What an amazing experience. Just sit down, relax and unwind. It really helped me to be ok with every situation. Jackies lessons are postive and have a stimulating effect. Let’s be friendly to ourselves and others!

Caroline de Boer - Holland

Oct 12, 2020

Clearly explained, unbound by faith, applicable and achievable

Even when things are not going well according to my mind, above all, friendly eyes has helped me stay soft and loving to myself! I can and have already wholeheartedly recommended it to a number of people. It is clearly explained, unbound by faith, applicable and achievable. Thanks!

Larissa Hendriksen - Holland

Discover and Experience
Oct 12, 2020

Video review – Friendly eyes works

Friendly eyes brought me a lot. It really helped me whilst practising my motorbike driving skills. I thought I could never make it to an exam. But looking with friendly eyes I managed it. Now I am a driving motorbike and it gives me a lot of fun and freedom!!

Grainne -Sweden

Discover, Experience
Oct 6, 2020

The best decision I have made -ever

To participate in these courses was the absolute best decision I have ever made.
Both in my private life and as a singer/singing-teacher the insights from the Friendly Eyes courses have had fundamental influence. It was a great experience to learn to go through with all experiences without wanting results but at the same time getting them.

Kathy - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Discover and Experience
Oct 4, 2020

A gift to yourself

As a typical over thinker, the idea of sitting still and being quiet was daunting for me, luckily I was guided to Jackie’s Friendly Eyes website and the Discover and Experience courses. I am in awe of the time, energy, effort and love that Jackie and her team have put into creating the content, explanations, videos and and guided meditations – they will change your life!

John van Belkum - Holland

Oct 4, 2020

Video review – My big lesson from the Experience course

Pien Bosschieter - Holland

Oct 3, 2020

Unbelievable experience

It’s incredible how a course like Experience can change your life in just a few months! Because of the daily meditation exercises and the clear tips and explanations from Jackie, my view on myself, others and life has completely changed. I am calmer and more lenient in my judgments of myself and others. I can deal with difficult situations through the use of my breathing, among other things. Previously I was nervous about certain events, conversations, now I see them as a challenge and I can just handle it. The only thing I regret is that I haven’t done this before.

Bram - Holland

Oct 3, 2020


Being faced with a burn out I found the Experience course very helpful in not only helping me be kind to myself again but also a briljant tool to get my focus back. Back to where my attention and time should be focussed on. The way the course is set up works really well for me. Small steps, every day.

Leonie Schneiders - Holland

Oct 2, 2020

Video review – Who would have thought…

Isaure - France

Oct 2, 2020

Changing and becoming a better person for myself and for the others

I have have fullfilled the 3 months Experience Program which has been extremely important for me especially in those Covid days.
I am representing an American management agency in France with a majority of Russian artists. During this terrible period I have been cancelling all my artists concerts and projects and my ability to remain confident and calm has certainly been related to the Friendly Eyes Experience training.
I also suggested to my artists to join the program as they were also in a very unusual situation.
Thanks to the program, I have a better knowledge and awareness of who I am and how I can take care of myself in many situations and change my relationship to stress and anxiety. Not only has this had an effect on my professional life but it has also helped me to be clearer in what I want for my personal life with my husband and my 3 wonderful children.

Brechtje Bruls - Holland

Discover and Experience
Oct 1, 2020


What a great experience to be able to follow the Discover and Experience courses. It changed my life. I am much more aware of my own actions, react and see it better in others. Breathing, meditating and Friendly Eyes gives me a lot of peace and every day is a great time to start the day well and get through the day with a lot of positivity! I Wouldn’t want to be without it!

Laura Prat - Holland

Sep 30, 2020

Wonderful and effective online course

I’d like to thank Jackie and her team for the great online course on focus. I truly enjoyed it! Jackie explaned the theory crystal clear, to the point and in a fun way. I enjoyed watching the carefully selected videos. The course provides you with loads of tools to practice in daily life. Highly recommended.

Harris Rosenblatt - USA

Sep 21, 2020

Quantum Leap

I won the 5.5 nationals USTA in 2006 my game started to stagnate with age and injuries Jackie has been a game changer I got the book Mindset from a student and have not looked back. She is magic and I am playing great.

As coach for 4 star tennis since 1990 I recommend the Mindset book above others. The book and courses are simply amazing and I have had so much fun employing Jackie’s novel views  She may never get her due in this lifetime but I felt she was speaking directly to me

Marina O'Byrne - USA

Discover and Experience
Sep 20, 2020

Getting rid of fear

Hello to all, I have an immense gratitude for Jackie and I don’t even know where to start, hopefully my review won’t be pages long. I’m just a stay at home mom and I have great passion for tennis. My coach recommended that I read the book “Mindset” and later on sent the link to the online courses (for which I will never thank him enough)… The changes that slowly occurred throughout the months are still impressive to me. I used to get so tense – paralysed – whenever playing a match. I can have fun now, I enjoy myself during the match and I see my opponents in a friendlier way. Life in a general way is more interesting, my interactions with my kids and other people (outside of tennis) are changing a little. And it may be subtle but it makes a huge difference if instead of being annoyed at someone’s reaction, I’m able to see it from their perspective, go towards them and tell them my understanding (I try to do it in a funny way to make it lighter). As for my tennis? I used to loose every single match and the difference in my level of playing during a practice and during a match was abysmal. I just finished a league. I won 12 out of 13 matches. And there are moments when I play freely and relaxed, I wouldn’t believe I’d be able to do it – ever.

Merel van Dongen - Holland

Sep 20, 2020

Video review – Dutch football international

Terrey Schweitzer - South Africa

Discover and Experience
Sep 15, 2020

Personal Journey

What a privilege to have met Jackie Reardon in a street café in Amsterdam prior to her Mindset books being published. Her passion, authenticity, humour and creative ideas are truly inspiring and I realised right there that greatness would follow. Over the past 12 years, I have found Jackie’s courses and workshops, Mindset books, Internet Courses and the times we could meet again extremely helpful personally in becoming a better person and more successful Junior National tennis coach. I have also grown to become better equipped to assist young competitive juniors develop their mental skills and to improve their performances. Her follow up courses of FRIENDLY EYES and DISCOVER are remarkable progressions that I highly recommend to everyone. I have certainly seen great improvement in concentration skills, staying in the moment, dealing better with the pressures of competition and coping better with emotions and mistake management for all who complete the courses. I can watch the video clippings over and over as they help with reinforcing the practical application and training on a daily basis.

Rik Antonius van Berkum - Holland

Sep 4, 2020

The power of now

Great course learning to be in the now. I really like the term “story thinking”. Brought a lot of awareness. and also important; Friendly eyes! Don’t be too hard on yourself. First time I missed the 6th week so I had to do discover twice.

Darcy O'Malley - Australia

Discover and Experience
Sep 2, 2020

Thank you!

The experience and discover courses have been really rewarding for me. They have helped me to learn more about myself and how to take a more joyous, focused and calm approach to everything I do in my life. I will be continuing the lessons and practises I’ve learnt from these courses for years to come!

Kathleen Kajioka - Canada

Discover and Experience
Aug 29, 2020

Exactly what I’ve needed, and at exactly the right time

For years I have been working to improve my relationship with myself in my creative work. While I was seeing some progress, the piece about how I speak to myself, how I respond to what happens, issues of quiet fear, anxiety and egoism remained the biggest hurdle. Then the pandemic struck, and in the moment of a time-out from all performing, I discovered FRIENDLY EYES. It has addressed exactly what has been in my way. Already I am seeing a difference in my practice and in my daily life. What was feeling stressful and nearly impossible is now enjoyable and full of hope. Thank you Jackie!!

Liz van Ruiten - Holland

Aug 29, 2020

Powerful voice

You have touched my heart with your authenticity. Your voice sounds so familiair to me. More than 25 years ago you coached me on the Tennis Court. For me your work has been such an inspiration. You show balance and generosity and you have so much love and knowledge to give. Friendly eyes helps me walk my true path in life. Thank you for creating this valuable experience and thank you for being you Jackie!

Emelie - Sweden

Aug 10, 2020

So much love!

I’m so incredibly grateful that I found you. My life has really changed. My self-confidence has grown. I am much more permissive towards myself. I have become my best friend. But I have also received great help with my ADHD. Had quite severe concentration difficulties. After the course I have become much more aware, the course has taught me to become aware of when I lose my concentration so that I can pick it up again. infinitely grateful.

Karine Chambolle - France

Jul 26, 2020

Eventually! …meditation made some sense to me

Being a very anxious person and an even worst competitor, I had been advised countless times to try meditation. Even though I tried many methods, I couldn’t get into it until I tried the Experience course. From day 1 I got hooked and I sticked to it right to the end, never missed a day. I noticed changes in my behaviour without conciously trying to change anything, it just happened, amazing! Now my only concern is what I can do to make it last.. I could never thank you enough for sharing such valuable insights.

Tova Olkinetzky - Oklahoma, USA

Jul 22, 2020

What a Lifesaver!

I am immensely thankful for Mindset and Friendly Eyes. I am a professional violinist and have always been plagued with paralysing self criticism. When I first read Mindset, I was amazed to find that top athletes had similar story thinking issues to my own. This helped me realize that the negative criticism isn’t really a true picture of reality. I now understand that it is just story thinking and it is much easier to replace it with Friendly Eyes. The Discover course has been an invaluable tool in helping me to create a new habit of friendly eyes, curiosity and acceptance. It is now much easier to perform and enjoy the process. Thank you so much; this has been a lifesaver for me!

Predrag Ilic

Jul 16, 2020


One of the best programs I have experienced! I resonate so much with proper breathing, positive mindset, dedication, properly dealing with stressful situations and this course is so much about that. It teaches you how to channel your energy and how to use “pillars” to get the best out of yourself at particular situation. You can use it at playing sports or every day life! Also, Jackie’s book (Mindset – Mental Guide for sports) is outstanding! People often don’t realize how important is to be in control of every situation! This course has helped me realize that I am in charge of almost every situation in my life. Absolutely phenomenal!

Nicola Beller Carbone - Italy

Jul 15, 2020

Covid gave me at least one good thing– the meeting with Jackie Reardon

During the lockdown I enjoyed my daily rendezvous with the wonderful lady who taught me about the most complicated things in simple words. The naturalness of Jackie bewitched me, always making me laugh and think. Various key experiences will connect me forever with friendly eyes. My work as an opera singer will profit from this extremely and I hope to meet this incredibly sympathetic and clever lady personally some day. I will ask Barabara H. to arrange that for me one day and I will cook the most delicious food for you that I am able to, or will give you something wonderful because then it would be my turn to be the most generous to you . 🙂 Thank you for many significant experiences through you, yours, Nicola

Helena Bartlett - UK

Jul 5, 2020

So easy and useful!

Doing friendly eyes during the lockdown gave me some structure, even though it was just 10-15 minutes a day, and I am so glad I did it. I am a student musician and have already found what I learnt from the course invaluable not just in my practice and performance but also in my daily life. I’m looking forward to sharing what I learnt with others, thank you Friendly Eyes team:)

Carien Janssen van Raay - Holland

Jun 29, 2020

A wonderful experience

For the last three months I have been training Friendly Eyes. Moving from “oh, I still have to do it and it’s already 23:50..” to “looking forward to this specific moment of the day that belonged to me alone.” It helped me through the Corona times – in fact, it was a good combination 😉 – and helped me get a lot of insights about myself and the people around me. Thank you all, Jackie and your team, for this enormous gift!

Neil Beasley - UK

Jun 27, 2020


Brilliant course that has the power to shift your mindset.

Natalia Labourdette - Spain

Discover and Experience
Jun 26, 2020

Tools to find the help inside of me

I did Discover and it was already very illustrative. After that I began experience and it gave me the tools that I was looking for in order to help myself. Sometimes I had a feeling about the course and that day came after the “meditation time” a video in which Jackie talked about the very thing that I was thinking about. It seemed to me sometimes that we were very near and that she could read my thoughts (maybe we all have a very similar mental process during such a program). After these three months I feel much more concentrated, I live more in the moment and if something disturbs me I just let it be. I am much more aware about how my mindset works and I also can recognize what I want to do because I WANT TO DO IT. Thank you so much.

Gareth Kwan - Canada

Jun 23, 2020

Great course to take!

I think that this course was very helpful to me and would recommend it to anybody it is very easy to follow and doesn’t take too much space in your day.

Stefanie Silva - Canada

Jun 17, 2020

Amazing course!

This course was so amazing and helpful in so many different ways! As a high performance athlete mental strength is so important, but even though we all know it is something to work on not many programs help teach how to achieve it. This course was easy to follow, easy to understand, and offered a simplistic view on different mental adversities. Overall it has helped my mental game on court tremendously, and I am so thankful that this course is accessible to everyone. 10/10 would recommend to any other athletes and basically anyone!

Alex Banfield - UK

Jun 16, 2020

A blessing which came into my life at the perfect time

I am in a period of transition, not least because of the current state of the world, mid-pandemic, but also because of a big gear shift in my career, involving moving country. The last experience I had as a performer (a singer), literally up until lockdown came into affect and stopped everything in it’s tracks, was one in which I realised something in my mindset was very wrong and needed to be changed. If it wasn’t addressed, I knew for a fact that this next stage and my future career as a whole was going to be really, really difficult and cause huge problems for me. The discover course has begun to shift my mindset and bring enjoyment back into what I am doing, along with forgiveness and kindness to myself which I needed. Most importantly, overall Friendly Eyes has brought me much more happiness, lightness and joy to all areas of my life. I only hope that when I’m eventually back in pressurised situations I continue to benefit from this wonderful course. THANK YOU.

Jane Beasley - UK

Jun 11, 2020

Everyone needs ‘friendly eyes’ in their life

We were recommended this course by a friend. I actually thought it would be great for the whole family to do this during lockdown, to help everyone with focus and strength during this difficult time. The course is amazing – we have all got something different from it. The kids compete at challenging sports and the advice is invaluable but actually it helps with everyday life. The big take home messages were acceptance, kindness to yourself and others, and cutting out the noise (the story thinking).. I can’t think of anyone who would not benefit from this and the structure of the sessions means you can grab time to do it when it suits you whilst keeping up the momentum to complete the course.

Wil Timman-Botter - Holland

May 31, 2020


After one week of practice I am feeling so much support! Little clear and friendly inputs are giving me so much hope in finding peace and acceptance in my current health situation. Looking forward to the second week!

Fletcher Cox

May 28, 2020

Exactly What I Needed

Just finished Experience for the first time after having it recommended to me by a mentor… and it was exactly what I needed. After applying the techniques and reflecting on the insights from the daily videos, it made me really aware of my tendencies and how much I skirted around improving my focus and concentration. I used to feel a bit at the mercy of my mood and the stresses of my career and would quite often berate myself for not being able to cope better. Having completed this course, I now feel much more equipped to tackle challenges in my career/everyday life and feel calmer and more at ease with myself. I’m looking forward to continuing with these concepts throughout my daily life and applying these techniques to more aspects of my career. Very grateful to have done this course and can’t recommend this enough to everyone and anyone.

Vincent Glazenburg - Holland

May 27, 2020

Valuable lessons in a practical way

Thank you Jackie for this very inspiring and helpful course! It gave me insights in my thoughts and really triggers to stay relaxed and focus without judgement to myself and others.

Gloria Foresti - Italy

May 27, 2020


I’ve finished Discover for the second time today and I will go on with Experience once more, after finishing the course last year. Friendly Eyes has changed my perspective on things and life, goals and how to make my dreams come true. And the most fascinating aspect is that I feel I have space for experimenting and improving every day. I am grateful for having met Jackie and all the people participating in the videos.

Iida Antola - Finland

May 21, 2020

Thank you

I’m a musician (singer and pianist), and I have done some performance coaching earlier, so before this course I was already aware of “story thinking” in my musician’s daily life. What was remarkable was that before this course I hadn’t even noticed, how compulsive I was in other parts of my life. For example I’ve had very little self confidence when it came to practicing sports, especially doing individual sports like running or yoga – because I couldn’t escape my own judgemental thoughts. This course has given simple tools to work on my concentration in my daily life. I’m definitely going to do Experience. I have also recommended this course to my friends and it has been especially good for some people I know that suffer from depression and other mental conditions.

Annette Veth - Holland

Discover and Experience
May 16, 2020

Made with love, to love your life; a gem!

Jackie takes you by the hand; friendly and firmly. Every day you make a little step and after a while you look forward to the ‘Experience’ moment every day. And slowly it starts to make sense in every day life as well. Please make a generous donation if you follow Experience because it’s for free, but must have takes an enormous (financial) effort to make and maintain.

Théo Goldberg - France

Discover and Experience
May 12, 2020


With her humanity and true friendly eyes, Jackie helps you with very practical and simple tools dive into yourself uncompromising and unapologetic. You’ll find wonderful simple exercises, very healthy to apply to your every day life. This whole process is so helpful, I’m so grateful and humbled by this whole experience. A TRILLION HEARTFUL THANKS.

Sandra Landa - Holland

Discover and Experience
May 8, 2020

Acceptance, joy or enthusiasm

The Experience Course has a really good pace. It brings you step by step to meditation. The meditation in combination with the short films helps to get my focus on friendly eyes and action thinking. Thanks! A good foundation for the rest of my life🙏🏻

Karine CHAMBOLLE - France

Apr 29, 2020

Amazing stuff!!!

I’m a very anxious tennis player who has been struggling with a poor mindset for years. I’ve read countless books and listen to many podcasts and it surely helped but nothing like Jackies’ book which gave me a real kick. It’s all very practical and easy to work on. I’m not there yet, far from it but now I have hope, even faith.😉

Adriana Hernandez Flores

Apr 29, 2020

I feel very thankful

Fantastic course!! It motivates me in every way. She explained my abstract thoughts and turn it to understandable. So I feel thankful to help me to understand myself better, to be aware on the important things and accept every part of me.


Apr 29, 2020

Very Helpful and valuable

This course was very helpful in its approach to help me start changing my mindset. Thank you for that!

Marlene Gaßner - Germany

Apr 8, 2020

Thank you!

I cannot put in words what Friendly Eyes did/does to me. I am a singer and it really helped me focus more and more often I can stay “in the now” when I am on stage or in auditions. Yes, I am more concentrated, get better results and am more efficient. But the most important thing: I am so much happier than i was in a long time and I found a way to forgive myself and others. Also my relationship with my boyfriend is so much better. I am glad, a friend recommended Friendly Eyes. And I am so glad there are people like Jackie and her team who give this wonderful opportunity. Now meditation is a part of my everyday life. Since I only did “Experience” so far, I will now start with “Discover”. Thank you again!


Apr 4, 2020

Very interesting and joyful approach

What a wonderful experience this 6 week course, I learned so much! I followed a yogateacher training in the past during the weekends. Jackie’s training is for me a way to apply yoga to tennis and other sports. Another way to practice! It also helps me in daily life. I feel grateful, that I came across your Mindset-approach and the easy access offered to the training. Thank you so much, Jackie!

Helen Paskins

Discover and Experience
Apr 2, 2020

Excellent Courses

I have completed both the Discovery and Experience courses. The material is very valuable and helps to deepen your awareness of how to direct your focus. The Discover material is a great starting point for building an awareness of the concepts. Hearing input from well known athletes and musicians is fascinating. The Experience course is a wonderful introduction to meditation. This is the first approach of many I have tried that has enabled me to stick with meditation and I feel I have more sense now of how it can be valuable to me. I have also read the book which is a brilliant way to begin accessing these ideas.

Louise Broomberg

Discover and Experience
Apr 1, 2020

The blessing of Experience

I have just completed the three month Experience course and want to share my experience of it. I’ve had a regular meditation and spiritual practice for many years so was not expecting to find anything new. The reason I wanted to take the course was because of my great respect for Jackie Reardon and the work of Friendly Eyes, and I was curious to see what it had to offer. From the day I started I knew I had to let go of all preconceived ideas, come with ‘beginner’s mind’ and enter fully into the journey, and it turned out to be a truly marvellous experience, from beginning to end. I found that with the way it is structured, the consistency of the daily meditations together with Jackie’s gentle, wise and loving videos, my own awareness and insight deepened and expanded immensely. I am deeply grateful and heartily recommend Experience to anyone – wherever you are on your spiritual journey.


Mar 31, 2020

Discover helped me discover things

I am a singer who applied for the Equilibrium Young Artists program by Barbara Hannigan and spending some quality time on that website I discovered Friendly Eyes. I just want to share that the Discover course has been incredibly helpful in the moment in which I am. I had lost my “goals” or my “joy” singing because of my constant story thinking and I was frustrated just because I knew that I sing well but I couldn’t give my best because I was not in the moment. All these exercises and instruments have helped me (I also began to meditate). I have always been very disperse with my attention and concentration. I used to say “I am disperse” but I don’t say it anymore because I can train my concentration and I am starting to understand how it works. In this “Corona crisis” these courses are also helping me a lot. I’m going to start Experience. Thank you so much and you will hear from me in three months!! 😀

Linda Arnold

Discover and Experience
Mar 8, 2020

From dark times to real joy and happiness

Just by coincidence I started friendly eyes at the right time in my life, (also a few months before hip surgery). Initially I found it really helpful as I had a stressful job and horrible managers. Little did I know what was in store for me. I moved on to experience feeling good about myself and repaired old family conflicts so when there was a serious complication and I could not use my leg, I had a choice how I would react. I am convinced due to friendly eyes, and Jackie’s book, I was able to deal with my slow recovery and have come out a much better person. I am deeply in debt to Jackie and her team. My life, artwork and family ties are going well. Thank you all,

Kerstin Gustavsson

Mar 7, 2020

Friendliness is a base for concentration.

I can decide what I want to concentrate on, I’m not a victim of my thoughts. It may sound obvious but Jackie and Experience made it clear for me, for the first time in my life I believe. And if meditation earlier meant rest to me it now means awareness and direction. And that friendliness towards others and oneself is a base for that, I don’t have to linger in all the misdoings in my life. I can’t thank you enough! I can’t thank you Jackie enough!


Feb 27, 2020

Friendly Eyes made me open my eyes to who I really am

As a music college student you have a lot a pressure from yourself, your teachers, your classmates and orchestra to be a good musician. Not only good, the best. I have for many years suffered from stage fright. I believed that it was stress and just pure nervousness that made me that way, but after doing Dicsover and working on myself I realize that it was not stress, nor nervousness, it was the fear of failing. After realizing that and accepting myself, my playing and the fear of failing I wasn’t afraid anymore! Now I have no problem with stage fright! Of course I get a bit nervous, but in a good way. But I’m not afraid anymore! Thank you Jackie and the friendly eyes team! You helped me open my eyes with Friendly Eyes.

Denisa Silvanova

Feb 26, 2020

An eye opener

I never thought, when I started with Friendly Eyes app, that it would teach me something I didn’t know, because I considerd myself being well trained in meditation….I was wrong! Jackie showed me a new way of thinking, acting and dreaming, she shows in her life philosophy how easy, nice and convenient life can be, if you look at it with friendly eyes. It sounds so easy and yet, it is increadibly challenging! But I started to notice that everything she says started happening- I seem to attract succes, people like to become friends with me, I feel more energy, I like doing things I didn’t like to do before (like cleaning the house) and everything seems to be easy going suddenly…Thank you Jackie, you opened my eyes!!!!

Andromahi Raptis - Germany

Discover and Experience
Dec 11, 2019

Changed the way I see and interact with the world and myself, on and off stage

I used to think beating myself up was essential to my self-improvement. Friendly Eyes has shown me how my negativity was blocking me from truly focusing and realising my potential. These simple, well structured programs helped me develop many concentration/self-talk/meditation concepts which I had come across through my voice lessons and yoga. Silence is precious, especially in this buzzing world of ours, and I’m curious to see what else it will reveal to me with time. Jackie & team – THANK YOU!

Aphrodite Patoulidou - Greece

Discover and Experience
Dec 9, 2019

Friendly Eyes WORKS!

Friendly Eyes has changed my life. It is now easier and more fun to reach my goals in life. There are many programs out there, I myself have gone through at least 3 different ones. But Friendly Eyes is the simplest I have encountered, with fast results. If everyone was trained with friendly eyes, we would have a happier, healthier world. Embrace the struggle, embrace the commitment and you will not regret it! #hi5!

Arild Hoksnes - Norway

Discover and Experience
Nov 22, 2019

Great practical insights

Friendly Eyes explore and gives advice in a brilliant way on how to keep focus when your mind is doing all it can to disturb you. The practical examples and the tools are productive for our own development, and well anchored in valid scientific knowledge and practice. It has helped me a lot, and I have recommended it to a lot of friends in different life situations, younger and older.

Wim van Hove - Belgium

Discover and Experience
Oct 1, 2019

Highly recommended!

I discovered the Mindset Experience by Jackie in 2015. This at a very difficult family time. The vision, Jackie’s personality, had a stimulating and motivating effect.
Friendly Eyes, compassion help me in daily life and stimulate me to regularly leave my comfort zone.

Roisín Walsh - UK

Discover and Experience
Jul 10, 2019

Friendly Eyes- a wonderful revelation

I have finished Friendly Eyes Discovery and what a great experience. I learned so much but also know that I will return to it as there is still lots to discover. For me the phrase that springs to mind is “Rome wasn’t built in a day”- its an ongoing journey of self discovery and one well worth taking! Check it out

Ren Wang - USA

Mar 14, 2019

A new perception of winning

Mindset: A mental guide for sport provides a deep insight to the mental side of sport and a guideline on how to handle pressure, overcome ego and control emotion. My daughter is 12 years old, she started playing tennis at age 6. Almost every time playing a tournament, she is very nervous, her mind is often full of doubt and frustration. After reading the book, I realized she was playing against three opponents – the opponent of her tennis match, herself and her dad – I always thought tennis is about winning the match and you can only be either a loser or a winner. After reading the book, I realized as a tennis dad, in order to help my daughter becoming a good tennis player, she and myself have to first become ‘action thinkers’, meaning focusing on the moment and process. You may always win and may win the match once and sometimes twice with the mindset method and friendly eyes. Ren Recreational Tennis Player & Tennis Dad for my daughter Victoria

Wout Elzinga - Holland

Jan 10, 2019


Friendly Eyes has meant a lot to me. It is very practical and I apply it daily. Friendly eyes, good mistakes and no judgment have made me different in my daily life. I also give ‘friendly eyes’ training to young football players and students to learn how to focus and look at themselves without judgment. Friendly eyes can be an enrichment for your daily life.

An unconventional approach
to train mental strength



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