Where peak performance meets mindfulness for lasting change

Where peak performance meets mindfulness for lasting change




Laser focus

Boost your results with

exercises done by world-class performers

65+ free videos


A better you

12-week daily meditation

in-depth day-to-day guidance

175+ videos

Lasting change

by being kind to yourself and others.

That’s Friendly Eyes.

An original and unconventional approach integrating mindfulness and high performance.

And exercises that might bring a smile to your face.

A Friendly Eyes mindset

Jackie Reardon is a former professional tennis player and coach of world-class performers. She co-wrote ‘Mindset, a mental guide for sport’ and ‘Mindset in daily life’. Friendly Eyes combines her knowledge of mindfulness and performance enhancement.
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‘She offers brilliant ways to improve focus and cultivate a mindset that breeds success with cutting-edge, creative, fun exercises that can be done by anyone.’ Amy Baltzell, Clinical Associate Professor at Boston University, President of the US Association of Applied Sport Psychology

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