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Frequently Asked Questions

Friendly Eyes is for everyone!

And in particular for people who seek ways for self-growth and lasting change. To sum up, Friendly Eyes is for people who:

  • want more clarity of mind and improved concentration
  • seek to improve their performance, in any profession or discipline
  • seek to improve the quality of what they do, in any facet of life, meaning at work, home, sport, in relationships
  • want to learn how to deal with pressure and competition
  • want to understand what mindfulness and meditation is and how these can help them
  • want to develop a daily meditation routine
  • want to deepen and anchor their understanding and practice of meditation

Friendly Eyes means: being kind to ourselves, being kind to others and observing without judgment. We believe that by being friendly to ourselves, we can achieve lasting change in all facets of life.

Read more about what Friendly Eyes stands for.

Discover is a free mental training program that teaches you the basics of Friendly Eyes to improve your concentration and ultimately boost your results in all facets of life.

The course consists of over 65 video lessons that are made available to you in six weeks. In these lessons Jackie Reardon explains the main concepts of her hands-on philosophy and how to apply the Friendly Eyes tools and techniques in daily life, using examples from professional athletes and other peak performers.

The time investment for the course is approximately 5 hours.

Download the goals to see what you will learn in both Discover and Experience.

We – Ay Mey Lie, Ed Wrede and Jackie Reardon – all have experienced personally what Friendly Eyes has done for us. To help others recognize what the power of compassion and kindness is – as in the first instance it might sound sappy – we created ‘Discover’ as we believe that this universal knowledge needs to be spread. So, we teamed up, took risks, delved deeper and created the course. It makes us so happy and we hope it will bring you to a higher level of awareness and make you happy too.

Experience is a 12-week daily meditation program (coming soon!) that teaches you how to develop your own meditation routine. It is a course where you get the opportunity to invest in yourself in making a lasting change in your life.

Our goal is to help you train discipline so that, after this challenging course of practicing daily, meditation becomes part of your life.

In over 175 videos Jackie Reardon guides you through a 5-level meditation training. She explains exactly what to focus on and gives day-to-day guidance throughout the process to support you all the way.

The Friendly Eyes Experience is for people who are interested in taking their concentration and awareness to the next level. If you have never meditated before, have meditated a bit, but didn’t manage to maintain your practice or have meditated for years, this course is for you.

We have trained hundreds of people over the years from all levels and backgrounds. And quite simply put, meditating with daily guidance and total commitment for 3 months is life changing. It will boost your confidence and you will be able to continue practicing after you have finished the course and understand exactly what to do. This is the feedback we have received from the participants and that is what has given us the drive and energy to make this course available to all.

Download the goals to see what you will learn in Experience.

For bookings and enquiries, please go to www.jackiereardon.com.

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  • When it’s available, you can do the Experience. You will not only greatly benefit yourself, but also join in making the world a better place!
  • …most of all, practice friendly eyes day in, day out. Enjoy!