Frequently Asked Questions

Friendly Eyes is for everyone!

And in particular for people who seek ways for self-growth and lasting change. To sum up, Friendly Eyes is for people who:

  • want more clarity of mind and improved concentration
  • seek to improve their performance, in any profession or discipline
  • seek to improve the quality of what they do, in any facet of life, meaning at work, home, sport, in relationships
  • want to learn how to deal with pressure and competition
  • want to understand what concentration and meditation are and how these can help them
  • want to develop a daily meditation routine
  • want to deepen and anchor their understanding and practice of meditation

Friendly Eyes means: being kind to ourselves, being kind to others and observing without judgment. We believe that by being friendly to ourselves, we can achieve lasting change in all facets of life.

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Thanks! You can:

We – Ed Wrede and Jackie Reardon – have experienced how integrating laser focus and daily meditation practices into our lives has brought a profound transformation to our mindset. We believe that hands-on information about how to develop mental strength from kindness, using concentration and meditation techniques, must be available to all.

If you benefit from this practical information, and you noticed a positive change in your mindset, please give generously so that we can spread this knowledge even further.

First, donations will be used to cover the costs to run the platform. Think of web hosting costs, technical improvements to optimize your user experience, measures to ensure your digital security when you use Friendly Eyes etc. Not only does this entail a variety of service and production costs but also fees for people we hire.

Secondly, the Foundation’s financial results will be used to compensate its founders for their private investment in the development of the platform. This will be done by equitable principles. If financial results permit, the foundation can allocate a modest fee to the founders of Friendly Eyes.

All net profits will be used to support Friendly Eyes’ mission for example through the creation of new content, expanding our network as well as marketing to spread our knowledge to the widest audience possible.